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Four M Acres was established in 1970, when Mike and Margaret Ellen Duckett decided to build a dairy farm to provide for their growing family. Both had grown up on farms and knew that lifestyle would mean a life time of hard work.  However, the rewards were worth all their efforts. In 2012, due to health concerns, the dairy operation was closed.


Fast forward a couple of years, while sitting at a local restaurant for lunch, we were discussing what we would love to be doing and what we enjoyed doing. It has always been our dream to be able to offer our talents of planning, organization, creativity, and commitment.


Through the years, we have organized parties, weddings and fund raisers for family and friends and have always said this was our niche! We have been friends for too many years to count and have always known we could count on each other for the good times and the bad.


A few weeks after our lunch, we were asked to see if a Four M Acres cattle shed and property might be a starting point for our idea. We were instantly in love with the picturesque views, refreshing gentle breeze and could not wait for this exciting journey. After many ideas were tossed around, we committed to our dream and began our plans and construction of a new building to supplement our “Cow Shed”.










Upcoming Events

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 July 14th, 2018
- More Information Coming Soon -

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